Powerful social amplification with the help of your superfans

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Influencer Brand

Superfans are using their social power to share your brand messages every day. But you're not leveraging this endorsement or, worse still, ignoring them altogether. We help you tap into and engage your superfans so you can convert them into life-long brand advocates simply, efficiently and at scale.

Bec Derrington Influencer HUB Founder


  • Brand profile page
  • Superfan profile page
  • Gig calendar

Brand profile page

You have your own page on the branded community platform and can post to the community and your social media platforms directly from your page. You also have a central newsfeed that displays each post made by your superfans.


Superfan profile page

Each superfan has their own page on the branded community platform. Their page includes their profile, a calendar of 'active gigs' and a central newsfeed, where their posts are listed and where they can engage with you and each other.


Gig calendar

We can help you create a calendar of incentive-based 'gigs' for your superfans to share. Your hub manager manages the process - creating gigs, approving posts (optional) and recognising each superfan's efforts via the central newsfeed and your own social channels.

How it works

Get Notified

Receive a notification alerting you to a new gig.

Accept a "Gig"

Review the gig and accept if wish to share.

Create a Post

Review the wording ideas to help get you started. Edit and customise to share to your feeds.

Select Your Platform

Choose the social media platforms you wish to share to.

Publish your post

Publish immediately or schedule to share later.

"Gig" complete

Review completed post in the Newsfeed.

Because trust and engagement are the true measures of influence.