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Influencer HUB is a fantastic platform that has been instrumental in growing Chorus' brand presence. Despite only having up to 9 influencers active on the platform at any time, we grew our online traffic by more than 400%. This resulted in a marked increase in brand advocacy.
Cara Stewart
Marketing & Communications Manager Chorus Executive

Here's what you will learn in the upcoming session

Understand your current campaigns' objectives to better understand your priorities and critical projects that need support.
Dive deep into challenges you're facing to get clear on the barriers to existing initiatives getting traction.
Get clarity around your desired outcomes and goals to uncover possible hidden opportunities and quick wins.
Identify who influences your target audiences and how they can help achieve your desired outcomes, heighten brand awareness and improve marketing ROI.
Provide a 3-step framework to quickly and easily implement an 'always-on' influencer marketing strategy within your company for maximum impact.

About Influencer HUB

Founded in 2017 by Bec Derrington, Influencer HUB is on a mission to transform how brands connect with their audiences by leveraging the social power of their superfans – often starting with their own people.

The impact of traditional marketing techniques has been in decline with the rise of digital media and online influencers disrupting the promotional landscape.

Bec decided to tap into this shift by launching a platform that would make it easy for brands to help online influencers co-create and share branded content to their personal social media accounts.

In just over a year, Influencer HUB has helped global brands, along with Australian SMEs, amplify their brands’ messages and increase staff engagement by keeping them informed and excited about new products/services and initiatives.

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